Penzance BID New Directors

Class ‘A’ Levy Paying Member- max 8

  • Marcus Wilkinson – Alfred Smith & Son
  • Susan Stuart – Chapel House (also NHP)
  • Theresa James – PRH Estate Agents
  • Ian Harris – Harris Begley Financial Planning
  • Jane Dunsmuir – Town Council
  • Helen Stone – Harbour Crystals

Class ‘B’ Voluntary Member – max 1

  • Hannah Wallis

Class ‘C’ Associated body – max 2

  • Nick Hood – PDTA
  • James Green – The Exchange ( Newlyn Gallery)

This was formally ratified at the AGM. As there was less than the maximum number required there was NO formal election that needed to take place.

What do we hope to achieve in Penzance?

Imagine what we could do with £160,000 each year combined with everybody’s business wisdom!
With this money, Penzance BID could deliver four key projects:


A project to make Penzance more attractive. The project could include installing extra year round planting, flags and bunting in particular locations. Street furniture could be improved such as bins, seating and lamp posts. Vacant premises could be made more attractive encouraging quicker uptake of them and additional cleaning over and above that carried out by the council could be undertaken.


Deliver a range of services giving benefits to businesses such as joint procurement, co-ordinated waste management, business to business information sharing and tailored business training. Crime and anti-social behaviour measures can also be put in place.


Deliver a professional marketing campaign for the town along with a high quality comprehensive website which can be combined with mobile apps, sector guides, etc. Develop a year round programme of events encouraging visitors and residents and provide support services for visitors.


Install co-ordinated branded signage to help visitors find their way round the town. Create more flexible parking arrangements and improve access routes for pedestrians and cycles.